Solar & Water Shield Coating​

Solar & Water Shield Coating

  • Outstanding water-proof performance
  • Outstanding solar heat rejection performance
  • Anti-corrosion & acid rain resistance
  • Powerful elasticity to prevent cracking
  • Environmental pollution-free
  • Durability over 10 years

“Max-Cool” solar & water shield coating is a high performance and high quality multi-function water-based paint. The core material of vacuum multilayer coating is made by nano grade vacuum ceramic beads which perform a high reflection and low thermal conductivity effect, it can block up to 95% solar heat radiation and most of heat conductivity. Even 0.3mm thickness coating begin to achieve outstanding performance of vacuum ceramic multilayer that would cool down the surface up to 20℃ and the indoor temperature would reduce 5-10℃. While it is ultimately to solve the problem of the solar heat conduction in the building and have a good environmental effect to reduce the energy consumption of the air conditioning.

“Max-Cool” solar & water shield coating has a special additional performance of stop leakage due to its flexibility and elasticity, on the other hand, it has an effect to prevent rusting, because of having anti-corrosion and anti-acid rain surface. Being an energy saving and environmental pollution-free product, the most important factor is safety, this synthetic resin coating will let you feel easy in mind to use that without any heavy metals, formaldehyde and volatile organic compounds. (Please refer to: Job Reference> Commercial and Government & NGO Project> Anti-leaking Solar Coating)  

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